How to Start a House Painting Business


One of the best things about a painting business is the freedom it can offer. The ability to earn a high income and to work as little as three to four days a week makes this businesses one of the nicest businesses to own. You can easily make $50,000 to $75,000 and not work a forty hour week. Residential house painting is a business that can create true independence for you.

You don’t need any sort of a degree to start this business. Just some painting skills are needed. The other skills such as some basic business knowledge can be learned as you go.

I know a lot of painters that start out painting themselves, but quickly become managers and no longer paint as their business grows to the point where they are required to wear other hats to run this business. A really sweet thing about this is that you can easily start or even run this business as a part time enterprise until the time that you want to move into it full time.

An owner can have lots of personal freedom and earn a high income in a short amount of time. There is also the satisfaction of seeing a painting job create a beautiful space out of something that was in need of a makeover, and getting paid a good amount of money while receiving this satisfactionmore..

If you want to start a painting business then begin to learn about the parts of the business that are not so obvious to someone who just starting. I cannot stress enough that you carefully choose the sources from where you gather this information.

The most sought after information that comes to me in the form of questions is, “How to estimate a paint job.” My advice is to learn to do this the correct way and not to cut corners in this area. Another big area that a beginning painting contractor needs to excel in is marketing and sales. You can make good money within one week of starting your painting business. So if you are interested take advantage of one of the few businesses that require little operating cash to get started, but can lead to a very satisfying career.

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